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General Counsel Law LLC’s clients includes:

  • Companies
  • Nonprofits
  • Schools
  • Individuals

Clients are located throughout New England, nationally and internationally.

Independent Counsel for Independent Schools

As the former General Counsel at a private school in Massachusetts, Mr. Plante has handled virtually every kind of legal issue that can arise for private schools. He knows the issues that arise for private and public colleges, universities, and other educational institutions as well.

General Counsel Law LLC’s clients include private day and boarding schools throughout the U.S. General Counsel Law works for schools and educational organizations that strive to fulfill their missions with the assistance of sophisticated legal counsel. General Counsel Law provides comprehensive legal services and counsel to private and independent schools, colleges, and universities. Mr. Plante has served on the Board of Trustees of a Massachusetts private, independent school. He has served as the Chair of an Audit Committee and a member of the Executive Committee Committee on Trustees. Mr. Plante has served as Secretary to a Board of Trustees. He has direct, unique experience and insight into the issues that private schools deal with on a daily basis.

General Counsel Law helps educational leaders comply with state and federal laws, as well as best practices. He is keenly aware of schools’ constituents such as teachers, parents, donors, students, and the community. Mr. Plante knows that each educational institution is unique with its own mission, core values culture. He understands private schools.

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